evelo aurora limited pedals better than an 8000 german e bike

Evelo, an American manufacturer of electric bikes, has applied its recipe for the smoothest bike to a full size, full-feature comfort commuter e-bike — the Aurora Limited. This is literally the smoothest bike I’ve ridden, since the Evelo Galaxy, reviewed here.

Evelo has cracked the code to smooth, effortless pedaling. It’s added a host of creature comforts that make this bike only a couple steps away from being the most comfortable bike in the known universe.


OK, that might be a bit over the top…

As far as pedaling smoothness goes, the Aurora Limited (in my opinion) beats out Riese and Müller, makers of some of the highest-end and most expensive commuter e-bikes available in America.

Riese and Müller bikes hold price tags around $5,000 – $8,000, and for less than half that, you can waltz into the Aurora Limited. How did they do it?

Motor: Evelo Motion Drive 750w Mid-Drive
Battery: 48V 14Ah (672wh)
Range: 20-40 miles (32-64km)
Gearing: Enviolo Automatic Geared Hub
Frame: Aluminum
Brakes: 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
Tires: 26 × 2.8 Innova
Price: $3,999 (periodic sales occur)
Extras: Gates carbon belt drive, front suspension, throttle, automatic headlights, brake lights, welded rear rack, step-through frame, wide fenders, Star Gazer stem

Problem solved
Pictured above is the Enviolo automatic transmission. This component is the largest single source of smoothness (and cost) for the total system. Just to be clear; Evelo, the bike company didn’t make this part — a component company called Enviolo makes the transmission. This system is designed to be maintenance-free, effortless in shifting, smooth in changes, and provide an extremely wide band of “gears.”

For a long time, bike companies pursued pairing this transmission with an intuitive electric motor, something that will magnify your output in a way that also feels effortless. Until Evelo, there’s been a problem. This transmission has been a bit of a puzzle for electric bike companies because it’s been hard to pair with an electric motor. If there is too much torque on the Enviolo, for a split second it will stall until you let off the tension, then it will shift again. An electric bike (especially in America) outputs a ton of torque compared to a human. When the Enviolo is forced to stall from too much tension, this hampers the smoothness of a ride.

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