Main configuration hotebike electric bikes

Main configuration hotebike electric bikes
When we buy an electric bikes, we should pay attention to its configuration, as well as its appearance, price, and brand. Because the configuration of the electric bikes affects its performance and service life. The four major components of an electric vehicle are: motor, battery, controller, and charger.
1. electric bikes motor
In terms of driving mode, comprehensive consideration should be given to choosing a mode with low loss, low energy consumption and high efficiency. There are three main types of motors: brushed high-speed motors, brushed low-speed motors, and brushless motors. The high-speed motor has high efficiency, high power, strong climbing ability, and is suitable for long distance driving. The low-speed motor has low efficiency, large power consumption, and a shorter driving range. This motor is suitable for consumers who have a flat road surface, lighter riders, and can climb and climb. High-speed motors are nearly twice as expensive as low-speed motors. Brushless motors require current commutation. Hotebike use high speed brushless motor, more than 80% efficiency.
Main configuration hotebike electric bikes
2. electric bikes battery

Batteries are divided into 24V, 36V, 48V, etc. according to voltage, 10Ah, 13Ah, 15Ah, 20Ah etc. according to capacity, and are divided into lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride and lithium batteries. The battery is a combination of voltage and capacity, some cars are equipped with 36V12Ah, and some cars are equipped with 48V13Ah or greater capacity. There is a big difference in capacity, mileage and price between them. The purchase of electric vehicles must have a clear purpose: different requirements and different requirements. Hotebike uses a safe and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery.

3. electric bikes controller
The controller is also very different in terms of quality, price and performance. Hotebike uses an intelligent brushless controller.

4. electric bikes charger
The charger is related to the convenience of daily travel. In addition, it is also important to choose a safe and intelligent electric vehicle charger.

Travel should be smooth and safe should be the first
When choosing an electric bike, in addition to paying attention to some details, we should pay more attention to the safety of electric vehicles. After all, travel is still the number one safety priority.

5.hotebike Braking is critical. First of all, we must pay attention to the performance of electric bike brakes. Because the brake is a braking device, it is also a safety guarantee for us on the road. I believe everyone has a similar experience. Traveling on a rainy day, the road is wet and slippery, if you encounter emergency braking, it is easy to cause potential safety hazards such as side slipping and tail flicking. Hotebike uses front and rear Tektro 160 disc brake for safety and security. In addition, the quality of tires also determines the quality of electric vehicles, and tires are also a crucial factor affecting travel safety.