Fat tire electric bike max speed 55km/h 60v2000w

Higher power motor, higher riding speed. This fat tire electric bike with 60v 2000w brushless hub motor and 60v 18ah/20ah large capacity lithium battery, both of them can meet your all needs, Whether it is off-road or racing.

A7AT26 60V2000W

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A7AT26 60V2000W60V 2000W brushless hub motor give you higher power while you riding and get up to max speed 40-55km/h. It make you have a exciting and crazy riding feeling.

A7AT26 60V2000W60V 18AH large capacity battery on the bike to adapt your long riding distance needs, and max range is 60-80 km, only just needs 6-8 hours to finish charging an ebike battery.  

A7AT26 60V2000W

LCD3 display can make you know this ebike real-time information while riding, like battery capacity, motor power, max speed and so on. There are even 5 levels pedal assistance you can adjust by the up or down button on fat tire electric bike. 

A7AT26 60V2000WKENDA 26*4.0 inch fat tire was used on this fat tire electric bike thanks to it is very low rolling resistance, superior grip and suit snow, mud and beach terrains to ride.

A7AT26 60V2000W


A7AT26 60V2000W

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