These Are The Weirdest Micro Cars Ever Made

One of many strangest lessons of vehicles, micro vehicles have an incredibly unusual historical past to them. Originating primarily within the ruined economies inside Europe after WWII, micro vehicles took form as the most cost effective manner for individuals to get round. Inside these early makes an attempt at low-cost vehicles, no explicit fashion was set in stone, leading to some shockingly weird vehicle designs coming out during the ’50s.

Micro vehicles aren’t unique to this publish WWII period, however noticed their best success, and most prolific standing on the time. That being stated, regardless of dropping favor within the public eye due to more refined cheap “people’s cars”, and recovering economies, micro vehicles continued to exist, and retained the strangeness they had been identified for to this present day. These micro vehicles although, are the weirdest of all of them:

10 Inter 175A Berline

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A micro automobile from 1950’s France, the Inter 175 Berline is half airplane, half automobile, adorably tiny, and extremely bizarre.

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Designed as a motorized 3-wheel “auto-scooter,” the Inter 175A Berline was developed and made by French plane producer S.N.C.A.N, and proven to the world at the Paris Auto Show in 1953. Utilizing a tiny 175cc motor, the automobile solely made 8hp, however that was greater than sufficient to get the diminutive machine up to the mark.

Apart from the visually apparent aviation cues, like the form of the physique, the Inter 175A Berline has one particularly unusual characteristic – an engine starter designed for helicopters, that makes the entire automobile sound like a helicopter when starting up..

9 Kleinschnittger F-125

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Designed to be one of many least expensive vehicles potential, the Kleinschnittger F-175 was a strange-looking but economically wise product of post-WWII Germany.

Kleinschnittger-F-125 micro car
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Initially dreamt up within the Nineteen Thirties by Paul Kleinschnittger, work on the automobile started after WWII ended utilizing scrapped elements from navy airplanes and different automobiles, and the primary prototype was completed in 1949.

Built and sold between 1950 and 1957, the Kleinschnittger F-175 weighed simply 330 lbs, produced solely 6hp, and will hit 43 mph. However, these qualities had been an appropriate compromise contemplating how reasonably priced the automobile was, and allowed the automobile to efficiently be some of the economical methods to drive round in early ’50s Germany – and one of many quirkiest trying as effectively.

8 Frisky Household Three

Frisky family three

Wanting like a cartoon automobile that was impressed by an early Ford Mustang, the Frisky Household Three seems as odd as its title sounds and solely will get weirder from there.

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As with most micro vehicles, the Frisky Household Three was designed to offer reasonably priced and economical transportation however has some distinctive quirks in its creation. Firstly, the preliminary idea was designed by legendary Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti – who later designed a number of iconic Ferraris.

Initially conceived whereas residing in Egypt, British businessman Raymond Flower approached Henry Meadows Ltd and commenced to provide a line of Frisky micro vehicles underneath the Meadows firm. Beginning manufacturing with a Sport mannequin, the Household Three took place in 1959 and lasted till 1964 with a tiny again seat that allowed two adults and two children to fit inside the strange little car.

7 Corbin Sparrow

Corbin sparrow
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Whereas the heyday of actually unusual micro vehicles coming into existence was principally within the early ’50s, loads of odd examples come into existence from time to time, together with this one from the ’90s.

Micro car EV corbin sparrow
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Wanting like a shoe of kinds, the Corbin Sparrow was an electrical automobile challenge led by Mike Corbin, who went from plane provider electrician to holding the electric motorcycle land speed record for nearly 40 years.

Beginning a profitable bike equipment enterprise, Corbin had an idea for an electric city car in 1996. Named the Sparrow, the unusual micro electrical automobile may get a claimed 25 to 50-mile vary, and a high pace of round 80 mph. Manufacturing started in 1999, and 289 of the vehicles had been made earlier than Corbin Motors went bankrupt in 2003.

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6 Citycom CityEL

Citycom cityel microcar
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Wanting like a shrunken ’80s minivan, the CityEl is a doorstop formed electrical micro automobile developed within the ’80s with some funky design, and odd building.

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Beginning growth in 1987 under Danish company El-Trans A/S, the CityEl was initially named the Mini-El, and produced till 1995 underneath a number of iterations of the corporate.

Initially utilizing lead-acid batteries, German-based CityCom took over manufacturing of the automobile, and in 2009 released the CityEl FactFour with lithium batteries, however the identical quirky design and folding cover.

5 Peel Trident

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Makers of the world’s smallest manufacturing street automobile – the Peel P50, the Peel Trident is one other small and unusual automobile from the Isle of Man primarily based Peel

Peel trident microcar
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Developed off the P50, the Trident was barely bigger and alleged to be a extra snug and trendy micro automobile when unveiled in 1964. Utilizing a alternative of 98cc or 49cc engine, the Peel P50 may obtain 38 mph, as much as 100 mpg, and was advertised as “nearly cheaper than strolling.”

Whereas reported to be horribly uncomfortable, sluggish, and usually a foul expertise to drive, the Peel Trident is without doubt one of the most unusual trying micro vehicles on the market, with its bubble cover and toy-like physique.

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4 Lightburn Zeta Sports activities

lightburn zeta sports

Associated to the beforehand talked about Frisky micro vehicles, a particular racecar trying prototype was proven with the opposite Frisky vehicles referred to as the Frisky Dash, which might be the idea for this unusual micro sports activities automobile.

lightburn zeta sports micro car
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Being attentive to the oddly sporty automobile, Harold Lightburn, managing director of Lightburn & Co, got down to carry the prototype Frisky Dash to life. With a number of micro sports activities vehicles already in manufacturing and new distribution rights for Alfa Romeo in Australia, the design, and engineers type the challenge, were handed to Lightburn.

Bringing the Frisky Dash to life because the Lightburn Zeta Sports activities, the brand new sports activities automobile had simply 18hp in an ultra-compact package deal with some unusual but smooth seems. Unusually, all 28 examples of the Zeta Sports activities had been produced in 1961, but not sold until 1964.

3 Bond Bug

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Having produced some economical, but relatively horrible micro vehicles in publish WWII England, Bond Vehicles was purchased out by Reliant (sure, the individuals who made the legendarily unhealthy Reliant Robin), and launched this extremely unusual doorstop on wheels.

Bond bug weird micro car
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When Reliant acquired Bond Cars in 1969, the Bug had been within the works for years at that time, and was pushed into actuality by Reliant’s hand, hitting the market in 1970. Designed to be a extra youth-oriented automobile, the Bond Bug stood out immensely for its seems alone.

Regardless of being an awesomely bizarre micro automobile, the Bond Bug missed out on one key high quality that made the tiny automobiles profitable – low worth. Costing almost as much as a brand new Mini of the time, the Bug supplied little worth in comparison with the Mini when it comes to practicality, efficiency, and luxury, and in flip was killed off in 1974, after around 2,500 had been built.

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2 Messerschmitt KR175

german micro car kr200
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A reputation related to fighter and bomber aircraft manufacturing for Germany throughout WWII, Messerschmitt was a longtime plane builder, however was banned from constructing any extra plane after WWII ended.

german micro car kr200
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With Germany in financial shambles after WWII, and many individuals in want of low-cost transportation, Messerschmitt joined the ranks of the various German micro automobile builders popping into existence on the time and produced a tiny reasonably priced automobile of their very own.

Named the “Kabineroller” the Messerschmitt KR175 entered the scene in 1953, constructed with many aviation-inspired components, just like the fighter aircraft fashion cover and tandem seat positions. Around 20,000 KR175s were built, filled with odd options like having 4 reverse gears, however most significantly, an reasonably priced worth.

1 Autonacional Biscuter 200-F Pegasin

French microcar Biscuter pegasin
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A standard theme among the many origins of micro vehicles from the ’50s, Spain’s financial system was struggling vastly after WWII, however was even worse off due to sanctions on Fransico Franco’s government.

Biscuter weird microcar Pegasin rear view
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Beginning off with a French-designed micro automobile, Autonacional launched the extremely barebones Biscuter 100 for Spain in 1953, following the standard low-cost micro automobile components. Around 12,000 were made, however gross sales started to fall as extra refined choices grew to become out there.

With Spanish model Pegaso having launched their attractive Z-102 sports car a number of years earlier, Autonacional sought to make use of the spectacular Spanish design to extend gross sales. Primarily taking the design and shrinking it to micro automobile type, the Biscuter Pegasin discovered little success when launched in 1957, and only a few of the barebones mini Pegasos had been made earlier than production ended in 1960.

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